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13.8oz Jar 30 Servings
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Based on Nobel Prize Winning Research

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  • Heal Your Body

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Awards & Recognitions
1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine
Author: "No More Heart Disease : How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent–Even Reverse–Heart Disease and Stroke"

Dr. Louis Ignarro is a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine's Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology in Los Angeles where he continues to research the benefits of Nitric Oxide and its role as a signaling molecule. He is the founder of the Nitric Oxide Society, and founder and editor-in-chief of "Nitric Oxide Biology and Chemistry." Dr. Ignarro holds a B.S. in Pharmacology, Columbia University, 1962, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, University of Minnesota, 1966.

LinkedIn Profile
Diabetes Newsletter
Author: "Dr. Joe's Rx for Managing Your Health"

Dr. Joe Prendergast is a world renowned endocrinologist and an L-arginine specialist who founded the Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center which specializes in endocrinology and the treatment of diabetes. Dr. Prendergast was awarded and honored as the most outstanding Father of Endocrinology in the nation from the Diabetes Association. Since 1991, Dr. Prendergast has been personally using L-arginine and recommending it in his medical practice. In that time, he has treated over 8,000 patients with this formulation and has seen life saving results. At age 73, thanks to L-arginine, his arteries are the relative age of when he was a teenager. He now is on the Medical Advisory Board of Synergy WorldWide.

In almost 20 years track record of L-arginine Use: How well has the daily supplementation of L-arginine stopped heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease? Dr. Prendergast boasts a record of 99.95% no referrals to a cardiologist or vascular surgeon.

President of the Society for Vascular Medicine
Stanford Dept of Medicine
Awards & Recognitions
Author: "The Cardiovascular Cure: How to Strengthen Your Self Defense Against Heart Attack and Stroke"

Dr. John P. Cooke is Professor of Medicine and Associate Director at Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. Prior to the creation of the institute in 2007 he was Professor of Medicine and Director of the Program in Vascular Biology and Medicine at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California; a position he has held since 1995.

Dr. Cooke completed a PH. D in Physiology at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Rochester, MN in 1985 and trained in cardiovascular medicine there between 1980 and 1987. Between 1987 and 1990 he was Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Between 1990 and 1995 he was Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Cooke has authored or co-authored over 280 research articles, abstracts, book reviews, book chapters. He has authored or co-authored five books and co-authored 19 patents. He has been a member of numerous national and international committees and task forces relating to heart disease. He is also a member of the editorial boards of a number of medical journals, including the Journal of Vascular Medicine and Biology, Circulation, the Journal of Cardiac Disease Prevention, the Journal of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy, the American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs and the Korean Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases.

John P. Cooke authored "The Cardiovascular Cure". Here he tells the strength of l-arginine to lower blood pressure, prevent heart attack and stroke, return coagulation to normal, and reduce vascular inflammation and oxidation to normal.

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I have been taking Cardio~Jüvenate+ for 10 months now, and it has been a miracle in my life. I had heart trouble that started in 2001, I had high blood pressure that was running in the 180's over 90's. Since I've been taking Cardio~Jüvenate+ my blood pressure has come down to normal ...down to 123/73 most of the time, and I'm doing that without the blood pressure medication that destroyed my kidneys. I was on that for 5 years, and I'm completely off of that and I'm so grateful for what Cardio~Jüvenate+ has done. I've been a hair dresser for 57 years and I'm working now mornings and have more energy. I'm so grateful that my grandson introduced me to Cardio~Jüvenate+ when I was having so many problems. I would recommend it highly to anyone who has high blood pressure, has heart trouble, or kidney problems. My kidneys are better now since I have been taking this product, and I just recommend it highly to anyone who needs to have their health brought back to normal without taking any medications. I'm so grateful! read more >>
I originally purchased Cardio~Jüvenate+ because there is a history of heart disease in my family. All of my relatives have had several heart attacks before they passed away, I've had high cholesterol since I was very young. Although I've eaten right, have had a good diet, am healthy and I work out, I continue to be told that I have very high cholesterol. So the original reason that I bought Cardio~Jüvenate+ was for my high cholesterol. One of the amazing benefits that I've seen from it is my workouts at the gym have increased and have been so much better. I have a heart rate monitor and whenever I'm in Cycle class, which I take about two to three times a week, the instructor is always saying "you should be in this zone or in this zone". So I was constantly checking my monitor and I was never in the zone. It was really disappointing and I could never figure out why I wasn't in the zone. About three days into taking Cardio~Jüvenate+ I was in a cycle class and it was amazing, all of a sudden... in the zone! Every time, in the zone! I was like "Yaaaay, I hit the zone!". Then I thought well maybe this was just an easy bike. Nope. The next cycle class it was the same result. I started recovering more quickly. My husband and I hike once a week at South Mountain. He's always beat me up and he's always beat me down... now I'm beating him! He's in the dust, and I'm running up to the top and I can get to the next place before him. So it has really increased my cardio health, my ability to recover, and to go on to the next level. I'm absolutely thrilled with it! read more >>
I want to talk about what Cardio~Jüvenate+ did for my mom. She comes from a background of heart disease, stroke, heart failure... just lots of bad, poor medical history in the family. Recently she'd been having heart complications. She's been going in and getting echocardiograms and stress tests done. Her echocardiogram came back with a really poor result, which usually means that you need a stent. After that I convinced her to start taking Cardio~Jüvenate+. So she started taking it, and she's only been taking one scoop a day. When she went in for her next appointment to recheck things on her echocardiogram, it came back indicating that she didn't need a stent, which is just truly amazing. So thanks to Cardio~Jüvenate+ my mom no longer needs a stent! Thank you Cardio~Juveante! read more >>
It is a pleasure to provide some first hand testimony and observations about the benefits of Cardio~Jüvenate+. Personally, since I have been taking the product for about a month and a half, I have felt renewed energy. As a matter of fact this morning I played a full round of golf. About two months ago I would be tired by the 14th hole and by the time I finished I would have no energy. I to say the least, I wouldn't be speaking about this product without the renewed energy that I have felt. The other thing that it does , particular for me, is that I have felt a toning up of the muscles and I don't need to work out that much, I just work out minimally on dumbells, and it has had a profound effect on how I feel and how I look. What has transpired for my wife is just astounding. She had suffered from stomach illnesses, sore joints, an inability to sleep at night, and after a month and a half of Cardio~Jüvenate+ her joints no longer hurt, her stomach ailments have for all intents and purposes disappeared, and she is sleeping 7 hours a night and wakes up renewed and has enough energy to continue doing all sorts of work and projects. read more >>

Learn About Cardio~Jüvenate+

  • Why do I need Cardio~Jüvenate+ in my diet?

    Because it reverses and repairs years of damage to your arteries brought on by age, genetics, and lack of proper diet. It restores youth and vitality to your circulatory system which in turn halts, reverses, and even "Erases" many diseases, disorders, and other ailments that are in fact either caused by or worsened by prolonged poor (or blocked) circulation over time.

    It is a well known fact that over the years, as we age, our arteries become rigid which causes constriction in blood flow and results in decreased circulation. Most people simply write this off as a factor of "getting older" and never really address this fundamental problem. Add to that a lifetime (more or less) of an arguably less than perfect diet... and deadly plaque caused by the buildup of cholesterol on inside of the artery walls is most likely choking these vital passageways even more.

    The combination of these two deadly conditions in our bodies can one day lead to a major heart attack or stroke, two of the top leading causes of death in the United States today.

    There are many other less life threatening (but just as serious) illnesses and conditions that can also arise over time when the circulatory system is compromised in this fashion. It's simply a game of roulette as to where in the body the artery walls might finally close down completely from rigidity and the buildup of arterial plaque due to cholesterol, and when. And even if a particular passageway never completely closes down, just the fact that there is decreased blood supply to various tissues due to arterial wall rigidity from aging inhibits proper cell development and maintenance.

    It is a basic fact of life that if the blood supply to any tissue is cut off or reduced severely enough, it dies. Restore the blood supply in time and that same tissue recovers and heals. It could be argued that many illnesses that plague our population today are either directly or indirectly a result of ineffecient or poor circulation to various key areas of the body, over time. Many of these illnesses go undetected for years until they begin to interfere with other processes that then make us aware of their presence.

  • How do I stop or reverse this?

    Traditionally, doctors have prescribed drugs to attempt to control cholesterol levels in the blood and the build up of plaque on the artery walls. There are two problems with this approach:

    • A person must first be considered "at risk" before a doctor will issue a prescription.
    • Most pharmaceutical drugs carry with them an entire array of undesireable (and possibly harmful) side effects.

    Thanks to Nobel winning research performed by Dr. Louis Ignarro, it is now known that the naturally occurring Nitric Oxide (NO) plays an important role in stimulating the artery walls and restoring elasticity to them while gradually reversing the deadly build up of plaque that lines them. Most importantly, it does all of this naturally. Even though we all have certain levels of Nitric Oxide that we naturally produce, we now realize that the amount we produce decreases with age and that many people who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol are likely to be severely deficient in this life saving molecule.

  • How do I get more Nitric Oxide in me?

    Incredibly, by simply taking enough L-arginine and L-citrulline, it is very easy to reverse this deficiency, thus greatly reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and a host of other illnesses. Research into L-arginine's healing benefits was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998 and is considered to be one of the most important advances in the fight to naturally lower and perhaps eliminate high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, heart attack, erectile dysfunction, and many other ailments in the last 50 years.

    L-arginine is a vital amino acid that plays a role in a number of physiological functions in the body, but is best known for its conversion to Nitric Oxide within artery walls. Once in the bloodstream, L-arginine penetrates the lining of the arterial walls (known as Endothelium Cells), converting to Nitric Oxide inside the muscles on the other side of this lining. The Nitric Oxide causes the muscles to relax, restoring elasticity to arteries that have become rigid from age and plaque build up. This in turn increases the artery's ability to move blood and the nutrients that it carries much more efficiently than before. This most basic improvement to the circulatory system alone allows the blood to deliver far more of the daily nutrients that our bodies need, far more efficiently and easily. This efficiency also causes far less stress to be place on other organs in the body.

    This process also has the effect of reversing the build up of cholesterol itself, literally melting away years of plaque from the artery walls, in a way that is completely safe and effective. As the layers of plaque disappear and the muscle walls grow more elastic and flexible, the effects of aging are reversed and the effective "age" of the arteries becomes younger. It is important to note that this is an accumulative effect, but not one that will exceed the threshold of what is normal for a human. It is, therefore, quite possible for an 80 year old person to have the arteries of a 15 year old teenager simply because they got enough nitric oxide into their system over time.

  • What are the long term effects?

    L-arginine is like food to the body. It's something that occurs naturally and that the body needs in abundance, but many times does not receive enough of from the daily intake of the foods that we normally eat. The effects of having it in the system long term have shown to more beneficial than not having enough.

    One of the many benefits of taking large quantities of this amino daily over time is the reversal of the "apparent age" of the arteries themselves. Think for a moment how much faster a body would recover and heal if it had the circulation of a teenager. Imagine having that same circulation again... at any age!

  • Is L-arginine all that I need?

    No. It is an excellent start, but L-arginine requires another amino acid, L-citrulline, to be present in order to be the most effective in the system.

    L-citrulline is another vital amino acid that combines with the L-arginine to facilitate its absorption into the lining of the arterial walls. It is also metabolized to yield more L-arginine, which in turn provides additional Nitric Oxide. This metabolic transformation takes place much more slowly and over the course of 24 to 36 hours, therefore enhancing and prolonging the effectiveness of L-arginine in optimizing blood flow throughout the body and promote healthy energy levels though the whole day.

  • What else is there?

    Each jar of Cardio~Jüvenate+ contains far more than just these two important amino acids. We pack plenty of other high potency vitamins and other great nutrients that all work together to make you healthy into each jar.